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Preventing the harm of drugs and alcohol in North Carolina.

We believe that a North Carolina free from alcohol and other drug harms will be a North Carolina that is safer for us all.


Get to Know the NC Alcohol Sales System!

CINC wants your community to be informed & prepared to navigate the NC Alcohol Sales system. We've created a helpful and interactive document with links to a variety of information.

This information is designed to be helpful when planning initiatives and building relationships. Your county's local ABC Board(s) are great partners for your coalition/collaborative especially when addressing underage alcohol consumption and/or of-age over consumption.


Check out the Division of Coalition Support
A North Carolina wide initiative supporting communities to reduce and prevent the harms of alcohol and other drugs.

Learn more about Connecting the Continuum services being offered at Community Impact NC. We want to support you in connecting primary prevention efforts and recovery support services.

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Strong community

Building local community capacity to reduce alcohol and other drug harms.

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Public awareness

Increasing population level awareness of healthy alcohol and other drug behavior.

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Influencing policy, regulation and funding decisions through a strategic advocacy agenda.

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There is no doubt that the misuse of opioids is creating harm in our communities, but is the media hype all true?

Opiods in ring box