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Connecting the Continuum Offered Services

Community Impact NC offers a variety of services including but not limited to:

Strategic Planning Tool

Application Tool to be used specifically for the strategic plan of a community’s Recovery Support Services and/or Recovery Community Center

Timeline Guide

This guide would serve as a step by step process to focus a community’s efforts as they implement Recovery Support Services and/or a Recovery Community Center.

Evaluation Strategy Guide

This guide would serve as a prompt for communities to easily understand how to measure outputs and outcomes of their Community Recovery Support efforts.

Policy & Advocacy Guide

 This guide would give tangible ways for Community Recovery Workgroups to advocate for Recovery Support Services  at the local and/or state level as well as familiarize themselves with current policies around Recovery Support Services/Recovery Oriented Systems of Care and Recovery Community Rights

Policy & Procedure Starter

This “Starter” would provide a jumping-off place for communities in creating their own policy and procedure manual based on their community’s and organization’s needs.

Building Your Team

This is a training on how to build a team specifically designed to address recovery in a community.  These teams often look different from treatment or prevention focused teams.

Moving from Institutionalized to Community Organized

This training addresses the differences between working within an institutionalized setting and a grassroots effort.  It would serve to create a shift in how the team thinks through and works towards its goals.


This process would provide training on how to use technology to market to specific audiences and create awareness as well as use of newly offered Recovery Support Services.

Interweaving Primary Prevention & Recovery Efforts

CINC would provide training that would lead the workgroup through a process of understanding and ultimately buying into the idea of “Everything Leads Back to Prevention”.  It would highlight how differences of the continuum of care build on each other vs. compete against each other.

Reduce Stigma & Discrimination

Through language training and current discrimination law presentation CINC would help the workgroup to begin to create more positive messaging and a healthier attitude towards substance use disorders and supporting the recovery community.

The Business

 CINC would facilitate conversation on basic business skills, 501c3 guidance, and prompt questions from the workgroup regarding maintaining a business while doing community organizing work.