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Parents: You Matter!

Parents360 — “Parents: You Matter” is a community education program designed to provide parents and other caring adults with valuable insights into why kids use, how parents can communicate and keep the conversation going, and what steps to take if they suspect or know of use. All of the information you need to organize and deliver the “Parents: You Matter” presentation in your community is available free of charge from the Partnership for a Drug-Free America.

You can start by viewing a webcast of the presentation

Bring “Parents: You Matter” to Your Community
“Parents: You Matter” is a free, downloadable PowerPoint and video package that includes tools to help you implement the program in your community.

Ideally, “Parents: You Matter” is delivered by a team of law enforcement, prevention, and treatment professionals who come together to provide their perspectives on the importance of prevention and early intervention.

  • As experts in the local drug scene and first responders to the effects of drugs, law enforcement officers should be important members of any community’s “Parents: You Matter” team.
  • Community coalitions, prevention resource centers, and treatment providers are all strongly encouraged to use the “Parents: You Matter” presentation to help parents and concerned adults understand their role in promoting children’s health and safety.

To bring “Parents: You Matter” to your community, you can:

Be a Presenter
Are you comfortable speaking to audiences?  Do you work in the fields of substance abuse prevention or treatment, health care, or law enforcement; or, are you familiar with the issues of substance abuse prevention?  You can be a “Parents: You Matter” presenter.

You can be a Coordinator
Are you a natural organizer?  The go-to person who gets things done?  Then you would make a great coordinator for “Parents: You Matter” presentations in your community.

You can be a Champion
Be the person who brings “Parents: You Matter” to your community – call together the key players, introduce them to the presentation, and lead the process to help make your community healthier and safer.

Downloads & Resources
If you download “Parents: You Matter”, please e-mail with your name, organization, zip code, and how you want to be involved in the program so we can inform you of updates and share new tools.

The Parents360 – Parents: You Matter program is downloaded in three parts, packaged in zip files.

If you can not open a zip file, please download an unzip utility.  If you still can not download the files, please contact us at

IMPORTANT:  Please keep all PowerPoint and video files in the same folder on your computer or the videos will not play in the presentation.

1. Download the core presentation with videos and drug-specific modules

Parents You Matter Presentation Zip File (42 MB)

This zip file contains:  the core “Parents: You Matter” presentation; the videos used in the presentation; and drug-specific presentation modules that can be added to the core presentation at the slide titled “Insert Module.” Currently, methamphetamine and prescription / over-the-counter modules are available.

2. Download the documents that will help you implement the program

Parents You Matter Implementation Zip File (6 MB)

This zip file contains:

  • Presenter Tip Sheet & Talking Points and annotated scripts for each presentation to provide background for presenters.
  • How-To Guide which provides step-by-step instructions on how to implement the “Parents: You Matter” presentation in your community.
  • Marketing tools including a Program Overview, and templates for flyers, press releases, media advisories, and calendar items.

3. Download the tip sheet, evaluation form and event report

Parents You Matter Audience Zip File (32 KB)

Finally, we need your help to learn more about what parents think of the program. This zip file contains:

  • “Parents: You Matter” Tip Sheet — Handout for audience members.
  • “Parents: You Matter” Audience Evaluation — Please ask audience members to complete this evaluation following your presentation.
  • “Parents: You Matter” Event Report — Please complete & return this document after each presentation.

Please return the completed evaluations and event reports to: ATTN: Parents You Matter Evaluations, Partnership for a Drug-Free America, Suite 1601, 405 Lexington Ave, New York, NY 10174, or fax to 212-922-1570.