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Who We Are

Celebrating more than 35 years of service to the community, Community Impact North Carolina (CINC) is one of North Carolina’s leading organizations committed to preventing alcohol and other drug harms in our communities.

We were established in 1982, as a group of concerned citizens, in response to what was seen as a crisis of alcoholism in the community. CINC continues to promote community-centered substance misuse prevention through education, community and environmental strategies, and policy advocacy.

To help individuals and communities who find themselves facing the challenge of alcohol and other drug misuse, Community Impact NC is increasing our focus on building safe, healthy and strong communities.

We believe that strong communities are the best way to prevent future harms. We bring expert knowledge and research into the design and implementation of our programs.

Our Purpose

To be a powerful force in helping prevent and minimize the harm caused by drugs and alcohol in NC.

Our Mission

To work in partnership with communities to support and create evidence-based practices and education that prevent and minimize the harm of substance use.

We are community centric

We support communities to build their capacity to create change and determine their own futures. We develop our programs with the communities we serve, valuing their strengths and qualities. Our community programs and services delivery are supported by the latest evidence and data respective to measurable outcomes.

We prioritize partnerships, collaborations, and long term impact

We need to build strong alliances that help deliver positive outcomes and strengthen our partner communities’ impact. Our approach is reflected in our organizational culture of collaboration.

We influence change in policy, systems, and institutions

Evidence influenced; we advocate for change in policy and practice within local and state government, society and business.

Human Centered

We put people at the center of all our thinking. This helps us understand community needs and behaviors that allow us to convert insights into compelling strategies & initiatives; and deliver superior experiences that connect.

Our Focus

The objective is to engage and support parents, schools, public and private agencies, organizations, institutions, and whole communities in their effort to reduce substance misuse through parent and youth engagement & involvement, community engagement, and local collaboratives.

When all of these sectors come together under the common theme of reduced youth substance misuse, risk factors are addressed, protective factors are increased, and collective impact is made.