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CINC Celebrates 40 Year Anniversary

Community Impact NC (CINC) is celebrating their 40 year anniversary. CINC is one of North Carolina’s leading organizations committed to preventing alcohol and other drug harms in NC communities. CINC, formally Wilson Families in Action, was established in 1982, as a group of concerned citizens, in response to what was seen as a crisis of alcoholism in the community. CINC now promotes community-centered substance misuse prevention through education, community and environmental strategies, and policy advocacy across the state of North Carolina.

“This is a major milestone for CINC,” says CEO, Anna Godwin. “For a non-profit to grow the way CINC has speaks to the value of former leadership, including former directors, Carol Brewer and Phil Mooring, and CINC’s past and current board of directors. The organizational growth and tenure also brings to light the continued need for communities, local government, parents, businesses, and youth to actively address substance misuse prevention.”

Past accomplishments of the Community Impact NC include:

● 1988 - Organized and coordinated North Carolina's first statewide Red Ribbon Campaign

● 1985 - Partnered with First Lady Dottie Martin, helped to launch the statewide Parent-to-Parent Initiative.

● 2004 - Established the NC Parent Resource Center and the NC Parent Network to expand prevention capacity in NC by supporting parents, schools, coalitions, the faith community and private and public agencies/organizations who want to increase parent engagement and involvement in the prevention of alcohol and other drug use by youth.

● 2007 - Served as lead agency for the creation of the Wilson County Substance Abuse Coalition.

● 2008 - Received Community Anti-Drug Coalition's 2008 Outstanding State Member Award.

● 2013 - Included in the NC Center for Safer Schools 2013 Report to the Governor as a statewide resource and partnered with NCʼs First Lady, Ann McCrory, to promote Family Day with an appearance in Wilson, NC.

● 2018- Received funding from the NC Department of Health and Human Services to support community coalitions.

Currently, CINC supports over 50 community Prevention Coalitions within North Carolina to engage and support their effort to reduce substance misuse. When all community sectors come together under the common theme of reducing substance misuse, risk factors are addressed, protective barriers are increased, and systemic impact is made.

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